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Multiblogger v1.630 changelong

+ new scraping mode “intitle special” has been added (it uses the following search string: intitle:[your keyword] + random trace) – from our tests it scrapes the most relevant articles even for longtail keywords + Title format: keyword + random related sentence has been improved, now your targeted keyword is always in the front of the tile and it’s not being rewritten making this mode perfect for targeting longtail keywords. + image scraping has been...

Step-by-step plan for success

Alright guys, hope you are doing great today, let’s start. (Check out 8 ways to monetize your blogs also.) Don’t rush, take your time, take the most out of this information and devour it, is a worthwhile one: 1.Learn how to find cool aged domains for a price of registration. These are dropped domains that we are looking for. Here’s an article, read it carefully: Don’t forget to check the domain for spam links, e.g. no Viagra, Calais, Canadian Pharmacy, Hieroglyphs. Also, I don’t recommend buying domains that have more than 20k backlinks. 2. Come up with at least 2 niches. 3. Make a list of 10 domains that you think are worthwhile and send me the list to irmsche9[at] (The domains don’t necessarily have to contain your keywords. If you decide to check the for the domain, don’t worry if the old site didn’t follow your interested subject strictly, the main thing to focus on when searching for those dropped domains is backlink profile. has the most accurate metrics. So look for nothing less than TF10 and try to stick up with those that have CF equal or less than TF. For instance TF20 & CF17 would be a great domain. For more detailed guidance, follow the tutorial on Jon’s blog that I linked just above. 4. Even though bulletpoint #3 is your final destination for now, we’ll move a little bit further. Watch this short video to get an idea of how to find longtail keywords for your future Multiblogger campaign, I call those keywords “GEMS”, just like rough diamonds waiting for you to...

Ways to monetize your blogs

1. CPA (PeerFly is my favourite) 2. Ecommerce, cheap products from is a good idea. Use for dropshipping (it does free shipping for most of the products) 3. Amazon affiliate program 4. Affiliate products, use sites similar to Clickbank and Jvzoo or even 5. Adsense, PropellerAds or similar (Bing or other minor ones will do too) 6. Build a PBN and sell/rent backlinks 7. Sites that show some stable recurring income can be flipped on sites like Flippa 8. Offer some good freebies on your site and build a mailing...

Multiblogger v1.572 changelog

+ Added English language check (skip the article and look for another if not in English) + Added relevancy check (skip the article and look for another if none of your keywors are inside article body) + Improved search engine search queries (more relevant and quality SERP results) + Fixed Sitemap scraping (now it supports different types of sitemap...

LSI Engine 2.0 concepts

The AI understands what parts of speech each word belongs to in a particular context: There’s no other good way of doing it. –> There’s no other good method of doing it. This car is way better than the previous one. –> This car is a lot better than the older one. We’d better go down for breakfast. –> We’d rather go down for breakfast. I feel much better now. –> I feel a lot better now. This particular car make is beautiful. –> This particular car model is beautiful. Did you make any real progress? –> Did you achieve any real progress? A season for hunting them in particular latitudes. –> A season for hunting them in certain latitudes. There wasn’t anything in particular that she could say was different. –> There wasn’t anything actually that she could say was different. I’m certain he doesn’t realize it. –> I’m pretty sure he doesn’t realize it. How do they pick and choose certain ones? –> How do they pick and choose specific ones? I’m a little bit scared. –> I’m slightly scared. Please add a little bit of milk to that cup of tea. –> Please add a small amount of milk to that cup of tea. Forums allow you to talk to other traders. –> Forums let you talk to other traders. I am a huge fan of burgers. –> I’m in love with burgers. Examples shown above are real examples of how the LSI v2.0 copes with those words. To be...

Multiblogger v 1.570 changlog

I’ve uploaded version 1.570 to the server. So anyone who want to update to the latest Multiblogger version, just restart the software. — I’ve improved the generation of random titles, it looks a lot smoother now — I’ve fine-tuned the query strings are used to find content on search engines, I’ve simplified them while adding more randomness to those “traces” that are used to fetch articles, a combination of trace1 and trace2 makes it like million of various quality top results to pick up content from. The fetched results now are a lot more quality than before. — With new search strings, the amount of captchas thrown out has been significantly diminished, I have tested it with 50 articles, no captcha record has been found in the logs, which meas that not a single captcha has been needed to solve 🙂 — I’ve improved the “Auto Longtail Keyword Mode”, now it does a lot better keyword research for you and picks up only best and longtail keywords + suggested questions ___ _ ___ The next step is to employ some parts of LSI Engine v2.0 (which is like 75% finished) to the Multiblogger, so this will kinda make the LSI algorithm that used inside Multiblogger v 1.5. This will let me choose synonyms more carfully since I will know what parts of the speach each word belongs to, this way it will ad more uniquness without losing the readability. English language is awesome but it can be tricky at times, one word can be both, a noun a verb an adjective and “what’snot” lol...

How to make the maximum out of Multiblogger by using the keywords properly

Here are few tips on how to use it in properly in your case: 1. Try to be more explicit with your keywords, e.g. instead of “rust cheats” at least go with “rust video game cheats”, so make it as relevant as you can. 2. Don’t be afraid to use longtail keywords if you need, Multiblogger now works with them pretty well, so if you want to find articles for something like “Why does the cabbage diet work: – go for it, it will find the most relevant and quality stuff. 3. Try to avoid using keywords that are too spammy, like for example “rust cheats download” – lots of chances that you won’t get as much quality content as you expect, instead try going for something like “Do cheats for “rust” video game work” or “Where can I download cheats for “Rust” video game” – this way is more likely that you get good pice of content 4. You can set the software to generate large articles by setting the minimal amount of words. With that said, if Multiblogger doesn’t find articles for you with that amount of words, it will combine multiple articles together. Mostly it looks good since it since it combines the most relevant pieces of content together and doesn’t mash up the paragraphs of 2 separate article together. In order to set the minimal amount of words, right click on Multiblogger script, scroll down until you see “Articles not less than”, and type in your proffered amount of...