Multiblogger v 1.570 changlog

I’ve uploaded version 1.570 to the server. So anyone who want to update to the latest Multiblogger version, just restart the software.

— I’ve improved the generation of random titles, it looks a lot smoother now
— I’ve fine-tuned the query strings are used to find content on search engines, I’ve simplified them while adding more randomness to those “traces” that are used to fetch articles, a combination of trace1 and trace2 makes it like million of various quality top results to pick up content from. The fetched results now are a lot more quality than before.
— With new search strings, the amount of captchas thrown out has been significantly diminished, I have tested it with 50 articles, no captcha record has been found in the logs, which meas that not a single captcha has been needed to solve 🙂
— I’ve improved the “Auto Longtail Keyword Mode”, now it does a lot better keyword research for you and picks up only best and longtail keywords + suggested questions

___ _ ___

The next step is to employ some parts of LSI Engine v2.0 (which is like 75% finished) to the Multiblogger, so this will kinda make the LSI algorithm that used inside Multiblogger v 1.5. This will let me choose synonyms more carfully since I will know what parts of the speach each word belongs to, this way it will ad more uniquness without losing the readability. English language is awesome but it can be tricky at times, one word can be both, a noun a verb an adjective and “what’snot” lol 🙂

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