Step-by-step plan for success

Alright guys, hope you are doing great today, let’s start.
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Don’t rush, take your time, take the most out of this information and devour it, is a worthwhile one:

1.Learn how to find cool aged domains for a price of registration. These are dropped domains that we are looking for. Here’s an article, read it carefully:

Don’t forget to check the domain for spam links, e.g. no Viagra, Calais, Canadian Pharmacy, Hieroglyphs. Also, I don’t recommend buying domains that have more than 20k backlinks.

2. Come up with at least 2 niches.

3. Make a list of 10 domains that you think are worthwhile and send me the list to irmsche9[at] (The domains don’t necessarily have to contain your keywords. If you decide to check the for the domain, don’t worry if the old site didn’t follow your interested subject strictly, the main thing to focus on when searching for those dropped domains is backlink profile. has the most accurate metrics. So look for nothing less than TF10 and try to stick up with those that have CF equal or less than TF. For instance TF20 & CF17 would be a great domain. For more detailed guidance, follow the tutorial on Jon’s blog that I linked just above.

4. Even though bulletpoint #3 is your final destination for now, we’ll move a little bit further. Watch this short video to get an idea of how to find longtail keywords for your future Multiblogger campaign, I call those keywords “GEMS”, just like rough diamonds waiting for you to take care of them. This approach is ridiculously overlooked by other marketers, good for us:

How to find Dmoz listed expired domains in a couple of minutes:

Dmoz directory is well-know for its strict guidelines, it’s not as easy to get your website listed in there. Any domain that has a backlink from Dmoz gets some neat portion of trust and authority passed on. Few more robust links in the profile, and the domain is worth picking up.

Watch how I do keyword research properly over my shoulder:

How to use built-in “Auto Longtail Keyword Mode”

To be continued…

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