How to make the maximum out of Multiblogger by using the keywords properly

Here are few tips on how to use it in properly in your case:

1. Try to be more explicit with your keywords, e.g. instead of “rust cheats” at least go with “rust video game cheats”, so make it as relevant as you can.

2. Don’t be afraid to use longtail keywords if you need, Multiblogger now works with them pretty well, so if you want to find articles for something like “Why does the cabbage diet work: – go for it, it will find the most relevant and quality stuff.

3. Try to avoid using keywords that are too spammy, like for example “rust cheats download” – lots of chances that you won’t get as much quality content as you expect, instead try going for something like “Do cheats for “rust” video game work” or “Where can I download cheats for “Rust” video game” – this way is more likely that you get good pice of content

4. You can set the software to generate large articles by setting the minimal amount of words. With that said, if Multiblogger doesn’t find articles for you with that amount of words, it will combine multiple articles together. Mostly it looks good since it since it combines the most relevant pieces of content together and doesn’t mash up the paragraphs of 2 separate article together. In order to set the minimal amount of words, right click on Multiblogger script, scroll down until you see “Articles not less than”, and type in your proffered amount of words.

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