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“Multiblogger” – Autoblogging & Content software | Web Sidekicks


Flood Your Websites With Quality & Unique Content With Just 1 Click, All On 100% Autopilot!

It’s a new generation of Autoblogging

+ To your websites
+ WEB2.0 blogs
+ Save to text files

o  Content looks like human-written (sample articles)
o   99% of articles pass Copyscape
o   No encoding or other tricks are used
o   SAFE & Effective after Latest Google Updates! (as of 2015)

autoblogging order now



Never pay for content again. Completely automate your content creation and publishing!


Money is made by those who Automate!


Stop wasting your precious time on things you can fully automate! You are never gonna make it online doing everything manually. Finding what works for you and scaling it up – that’s the key to success in online world.

It’s not a simple autoblogging, it’s a whole Artificial Intelligence! Let it do the time-consuming work for you. Just fill in the spreadsheet with your websites and keywords once, schedule the script and forget about its existence. I wouldn’t even call it autoblogging since the content looks one of a kind! In fact, I’m quite sure that after using Multiblogger for few days you won’t be able to imagine your life without it.



Turn Multiblogger into gold:


Make Money on Autopilot
Make Money on Autopilot
Run hundreds or even thousands of sites on complete autopilot. Make Adsense income, earn with Affiliate Networks, cash in with CPA – it’s entirely up to you how to monetize them.
Sell content for cash
Sell content for cash.
People are paying $10 and even more for good articles. There are tons of places on the web where people are buying and selling content. Or even sell the whole website on Flippa for $$$.
Drive traffic to your websites
Driving targeted traffic to your site is the most difficult part in Internet Marketing. Build an empire of your WEB 2.0 blogs or even private networks, fill them in with content with a click of a mouse and look how the traffic pours in to your website.
Automate your SEO
Automate your SEO
Content writing is the most time-consuming part of SEO, automate the labour work and spare your time for more intelligent type of management. You can even start your own SEO Service!

Hundreds of happy customers since 2012

More testimonials here.

Ok, leaving a review. Firstly, the OP is extremely helpful. I had a few teething problems setting things up, which was down to myself and not the program. I have been paying $$$ a month for good articles, but this program is going to save me a fortune!!

I have just posted 2 articles to my sites, and the content is very readable (may have to edit the odd word) and posts videos and great niche relevant pics. This is going to save so much time and money.


Original review Buttmonk (BHW)

I have purchased this tool today but have been testing this for more than a month and only have good things to say about this tool, have tested like 2-3 tools but none of them is as good as this one. I can see the efforts OP has put in developing this slick tool.

The best part i liked about is that it can transform a poor written article into a good human readable article. I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t use it even for your money sites.


Original review abhi007 (BHW)

Internet Marketer

Hi Andrey, your Multiblogger software is one of the amazing I have saw for the last 10 years doing blogging. the articles produced is very good quality and it works like charm. your support is amazing too for each question I had you respond with solution and very fast. I highly recommend you and your software for anyone who want to have solution for written content.

Also you update the script so we all can benefit it for good ranking in Google and SEO wise.
Original review Skatir (Soli on WF)


Wow, I didn’t expect content to be so good, the quality is really impressive and most of the articles indeed look like written by human. I’m even using this script to publish content to my money sites, this is what makes the script mega-powerful! And there’s no encoding to make it unique, I don’t know how this guys manage to keep the readability while rewriting it but the script does it very well.

Let’s be honest, there’s no other tool that can produce content good enough for money sites on autopilot – EXCEPT THIS ONE!
Original review Sonia Logics


Multiblogger- Full Automation Ready For You!

Multiblogger is the result of 2,5 years of hard work. The concept is based on my 6 years of SEO and Internet Entrepreneurship experience.

Most of similar tools that I played with back in the day didn’t deliver neither full automation, nor content quality or even uniqueness. Not much changed since then actually.

Most of them were just such called “Fly-by-night” solutions, I’m sure they creators are never using them themselves for any serious business. That’s exactly why I decided to create my own piece of software.

Note that Multiblogger is created with a robust idea that I’ll be using it myself, a lot. That’s what makes it stand out from the crowd – I’ve made the software that delivers results.

Now you can get your hands on it for a price of 1 Starbucks coffee a day!



See the difference?



Automation at its finest:


Takes articles from the web
1. Takes article from the web, based on your keyword(s)
2. Rewrites the article using cutting-edge LSI Rewriting Engine
3. Picks relevant images and videos from the web and inserts them to the article.
4. Publishes content to your site. Picking the right category, adds tags, filling in All-in-one SEO or Yoast SEO data. (if WordPress)


Why it’s called “Multiblogger”?

Look, it’s flexible:


Supported platforms:

1. WordPress (self hosted)
16. Drupal
17. Save to text files

A lot more coming soon…

Buy Lifetime License and I’ll add 1 platform of your choice for free!

Supported languages (content):

1. English (default)
2. Spanish
3. German
4. Russian
5. French
6. Dutch
7. Danish
8. Czech
9. Polish
10. Croatian
11. Finnish
12. Greek
13. Arabic
14. Hungarian
15. Italian
16. Portuguese



Really flexible!


Flexible Script Settings

All good to run with default settings with 1 click of a mouse. With that said, advanced settings are at your disposal, so you can customize it for your own personal needs.

3 article sizes to choose from:

– regular (from 350 to 700 words)
– large (from 700 to 1200 words)
– extra large (from 1200 to 2500 words)

Schedule the script

Run your task on a regular basis with any interval and frequency, without the need to touch the UI everytime. That’s what I call real automation!

Content source flexibility

On default settings you just need to press START and the script will scrape content automatically based on your keywords. If you would like to pick article up from your own text files – you are free to do that just as easily!

Very simple to use

Looks too technical? Don’t worry, it’s very simple! In fact so simple that even a well-trained monkey would be able to run it! 🙂

Add Backlinks Automatically

Drop up to 3 backlinks to your articles by simply adding them in your spreadsheet, in regular or spintax format. Random generic sentences like “Check this link out:” are added with the link for sake of looking naturally (it can be switched off in the settings).

The script is really fast

Script works at a speed of around one article a minute. If you wish to speed the process up even more, use multiple thread (up to 5) or buy mirror licenses at a half price!

Add any piece of code/snippet to the article

Like for example Adsense snippet or something similar. Extra image, video or even a piece of HTM/PHP code. Anything you like!



More Testimonials

Well, I did registered for the trail and I gotta say, this tool is good. With a one damn click, you have a good article that is readable and it’s unique. You can use it out of the box do some backlinking. I had some problems with the setup and the OP helped solve it and we did continue to talk about the program and more details His work is good and I think that I will buy this tool just need a bit more testing. Pankage


Already joined and Articles looks amazing… looks like im not going to need to buy any more spinners, autoblogers, writers, articles, etc…i have them all here in one single service!

The best service i joined lately!

Well…time to update some blogs

Thanks jcdmp (WF)

Original Review

So far so good! I must admit that content looks pretty impressive. Definitely significantly better than anything I have tried so far.

skuregyadwds, Original Review


The best tool out there for automated unique content, I must say revolution of automated content. It does everything You would need for creating REAL SITE! Easy to use, quick setup, great content (You should use good articles to get best results)!

Updates coming almost every day and new features also! Even my own requests for features will be done soon!

Really amazing peace of software, loving it!

10/10 Mareks (BHW)

Original Review

I am amazed!

I was testing comparison of original articles and rewritten by multiblogger. I found out that this guy “cracked the code” how copy check works in search engines and in copyscape, seems he figured out algorithm!

Articles are like human rewritten and it’s 100% automated by this Multiblogger software. This is revolution of automated sites!

Original Review Oleg

Online Enterpreneur/ SEO, Sem Elite

This very good tool , i love this, purchased life time licence.
i have been in IM world 7 years, in my beginning IM world many good tools available and that tools make good money for me , but right now very hard find that good tool since i met this tool i said on my mind ” aha ” the good tool come again lets make good money again.. good job , and thanks for your good support hanyakabel (BHW)

Internet Marketing, Original Review

Review Time:

While using the trial version of the script i was very impressed with the script. First i thought this content creation software is same like others who gives satisfaction about the quality but the real deal is they don’t.

Now this script was written on I think Zennobox or Zennolabs, they are the same company, not sure 100% but the compatibility is mind blowing. It is not like UBOT always freeze or high memory issue…AAA: eek:

The first time when I use the script this looks difficult to me but OP also offer live chat support, Skype support and Team Viewer which help me a LOT of time. I have spent around 1-2 hours with the OP to clarify about each problem which I am facing.

Then I bought the lifetime script immediately without wasting time because the script provides 99.9% copyscaped articles as they have written but I was writing 100% because out of 100 article i didn’t find Copyscaped shows anything about duplicates, not only with Copyscape I also have an Plaigraism subscription so i have tested their articles and they also didn’t find anything.

Second i have told them to add these features to make this script more improved and they have implemented those features which i requested in 1 day. Almost i think i have requested around 3-6 features.

Rating Time:

1. Communication – 10/10
2. Script Difficulty – Easy To understand
3. Price – 8/10 (Might be give discount)
4. Support – Awesome 10/10

I highly recommend you to guys if you are looking for the UNIQUE, READABLE, COPYSCAPED unlimited articles than Multiblogger is an award winning script.

First time i have written so long review, i am crazy dude with the script LOL . I am thinking i will become the affiliate boosters (FW)

Original Review

I purchased Multiblogger/Autoblogging 2.0 software late last year, I found myself needing lots of unique articles (copyscape pass) I purchased the lifetime one off payment and I have never looked back. This product is everything I need for my work, it produces as many articles that I need and on any subject you can imagine, not only that, the mighty Google loves it because it is all unique content. The backup is the best that I’ve ever seen, you can now contact directly on chat to resolve any issues, absolute first class.

Irmscher is always working hard to improve these products. Forget about your spinners, this Multiblogging script will take care of every aspect of your needs, from getting the articles and then spinning the articles into human readable content, then automatically posting them directly to your website, when ever you choose, because you are totally in charge here.

So a quick summary: if you need unique content articles sent directly to your website, or to a text file on your PC. then you should buy this product immediately, you won’t be disappointed. I have been using it for 8 months now and I still get a buzz when I use it. Joe Leech

Original Review


System Requirements:

Works on any Windows machine:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server

Works on Mac too,
with accessory tools like Parallels Desktop, Vmware Fusion, Virtual Box.



Pricing plans:


Special Offer, 25% OFF!

[counter date=2015/05/31-21:59:59] Just [remaining-dhmstimer] until this Special Offer expires![/counter]

We don’t  sell it anymore, sorry.



14 days NO Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

14 day money back guarantee

Buy with confidence!



PS. Get Smart, Automate!

PSS. Geek glasses are not included.