Is Autoblogging dead in 2017? Here are some tips from real automation pros

Here’s how to make autoblogging shine again.

Is autoblogging dead in 2017? Same as in 2016… Not really, I must say. But I wouldn’t call it autoblogging. Term “autoblogging” reminds me of something spammy and low quality. I’d rather stick with something like “automated content solution” or “blogging on autopilot”. Anyhow, this approach is not dead at all, it blooms and flourishes if done properly.

In order to make this method work you have to make sure you publish decent content to your blogs. I’m not saying you need each article to ma a masterpiece, but it has to be at least somewhat decent. Google is very good at identifying deeply spun content these days. That’s why most of article spinners doesn’t work anymore, unless you do a manual spin. With that said, there’s an entirely different approach to rewriting. Instead of deep synonym spinning you can reformat sentences, add new phrases and even the whole random generic sentence to an existing article to make it look fresh. The main idea is to keep the maximum readability which is not possible when focusing on deep synonym rewriting.

Have a look at this innovative rewriting concept. Mixing the rewritten parts with duplicate parts makes it “curated content”, a content creation method that Google loves so much lately. Like Matt Cutts said: “Create, curate, don’t aggregate”.

You can check out our Multiblogger software that completely automates the above process for you, while also adding relevant images, infographs and videos to your articles, making them look human written and engaging visitors to read which improves your bounce rate.

The interesting fact is that you can use Multiblogger even for your money sites, it’s safe to use with Adsense. Quite a few customers are running a bunch of automated adsense sites and make around $30 a month from each. You can also use it for your PBN sites. Promote Clickbank products, CPA offers and make money on complete autopilot.

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