Multiblogger Support FAQ

Q: When I try and run the script, it tells me that no websites spreadsheet can be found, even though I have posted it in the correct directory. Have I missed something?
A: Most probably you have either spelled the filename incorrectly (double-check the filename to make sure it’s 100% identical to the one you have in the script settings, file extension should not be included in the script settings) or using a wrong spreadsheet extension (supported extensions: *xlsx, *.xls, *.ods) (use the following software to open and edit the spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel, Open office, Libre office)

Q: I’m getting notification messages like this: “More than 5 retries while scraping from Search Engines… Something’s wrong, probably Multiblogger can’t solve captcha when scraping Google…More than 5 retries while scraping from Search Engines…”
A: Make sure you have added a captcha service like shown in this video

Q: The redability of articles is not good enough, what can I do to make it better?
A: Switch to “Ultra Quality” in the script settings. Right click on MULTIBLOGGER, then “Settings from the drop down menu. Scroll down until you see “Rewriting mode” (On some machines with slow internet it might take around 20-30 seconds to open up Settings window.)