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Save articles to text files:

Load articles from your own text files

How to scrape content from sitemaps

How to use captcha with Multiblogger

How to use 2Captcha with Multiblogger

How to add backlinks to your posts.

How to use proxy
Comma separated (if multiple) to websites.xlsx spreadsheet G cell:
regular proxy – IP:PORT

How to assign a certain category to each keyword:
keyword1(category1), keyword2(category2), keyword3(category3) or even keyword4(category2)

Scrape content from ANY webpages:

How to schedule the script:

How to integrate with WordAI or Spinrewriter
If you choose to use WordAI instead of native rewriter for some reason, then you have to switch that in the script Settings (right click on MULTIBLOGGER -> Settings -> Scroll down until you see “Article Spinner” -> Switch to your preferred rewriting engine, then don;t forget to fill in your username and password below.

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